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a little paris in the hood.









a little paris in the hood.









You know that little french bistro
in your dreams? 
well, now it's in lafayette.

RÊVE is not that snooty, splurge-on-your-anniversary kind of French restaurant. Au contraire.

This is your classic, everyday neighborhood French bistro. That kind of cozy little place you’d imagine in Saint Michel or Saint Germain. Not smack dab in the middle of the 'burbs. But lucky for you, that’s exactly where 5-star chef Paul Magu will be paying homage to the French comfort food that he fell in love with as a boy growing up in Paris. We’re talking authentic French onion soup. Steamed mussels. Steak frites. Cassoulets. And fricassées.

Come to dinner and you’ll feel like a guest in Paul and Laura Magu’s home. (Yes, kids are welcome. And no, you don’t have to dress up.) Stop by for an apéritif and a little pâté on your way home from work. Or an espresso and pear tarte after the movies.

Whatever you order, it comes with a side of joie de vivre.

Awards:  Open Table East Bay 2017:  Best French / Best Overall / Best Food / Best Outdoor Dining  Overall 4.7 stars

"Best French Restaurant East Bay" - Readers Choice East Bay Times (June 2018)

Yelp: 4.7 stars

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EVERY TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY - Enjoy 50% off bottles of wine*

*a few exceptions

 our dining room ..

our dining room ..