We were so honored to have been nominated by one of our regulars, Peter, for the local food review show Check, Please Bay Area!  with host Leslie Sbrocco.   If you're a foodie in the Bay Area & haven't discovered this show - do it now!  Genuine, honest reviews of foodie favorites. 

We were on pins & needles waiting for the show to air.  We didn't know who or when the guests were coming, just that three foodies would be visiting during a 5 week time.  After they dined, and taped the show, we got a call to schedule our interviews and have the camera crew visit us in person.  Then ... we wait some more!

We were so honored by the comments - and loved the show.  Hear quotes like "A party in your mouth every time"  "Double frites" and Heavenly balls of love" more ...

Click here to see our episode.